Pagulase teekond (Journey of a refugee)

take the journey

This is a journey of a refugee. The campaign is aimed to raise awareness of the situations that a refugee deals on their asylum seeking period. The number of asylum seekers in Estonia has been quite low compared to other EU countries. That might be the reason why studies show that the general public is not aware of this issue and unfortunately this topic has not been a priority on the governmental level either. Still – the number of refugees has increased visibly during the last 3 years: when in 2009 the number of asylum seekers was 40, then in 2011 it was 67. Therefore the organisations dealing with asylum seekers and refugees in Estonia face new challenges, questions and situations.

Meet the team

Marko Russiver - CD
Carmen Kaarus - project manager

Velvet Design
Rainer Olbri - illustrator / designer

Velvet DP
Pärtel Vurma - project lead
Aleksandr Gasna - developer