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KAMBER is a creative unit which aims to promote chamber musical theatre, a form of theatre not yet expansively applied in Estonia. Formed in spring 2012, KAMBER brings together younger-generation artists from different fields of arts. The creative leaders of the unit are the conductor Risto Joost and singer-actress Hanna-Liina Võsa. The artistic team of Kamber aims to create a symbiosis of various fields of art: music, theatre, literature, film, fashion, etc. ach project by Kamber is unique in its nature and composition, and created in joint creative process.

Meet the team

Risto Joost, Hanna-Liina Võsa

Velvet DP
Teele-Reet Tõrs - CD / AD
Kaimo Kure - developer
Reijo Lell - developer
Pärtel Vurma - project lead

Gabriela Liivamägi - photographer