Worlds greatest assistent for a manager. On your phone –

Launch website on your phone!

We teamed up with the best coach and managers trainer Raimo Ülavere to create a mobile website that helps managers to make decisions and give good advice any time they need it.

You can find answers to questions like:
- How to find 100 new kick-ass ideas
- How to get rid of mediocre staff members
- How to delegate resonsibility
- How to tame a lion

And there's more. All together 20 important topics with solutions provided in 3 different approaches: quick fix, creating a habit and creating a culture.
Think about it. You can create culture straight from you mobile phone. Like Mick Jagger or Pablo Picasso. Sweet!

Meet the team

Raimo Ülavere

Velvet DP
Pärtel Vurma - team lead
Janno Siimar - CD / AD
Rainer Kull - developer